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Sending love (and discounts!) to our key workers

This period of lockdown has left many people’s plans in disarray, and none more so than the many couples who were due to marry over the coming weeks, such as this lovely pair, who happen to be my son and his fiancée.   Not to be thwarted, key worker Richard surprised his lovely bride-to-be, Brook, with a mini ceremony in their flat which he had beautifully decorated with candles and flowers.   They dressed up, said their vows and danced to their favourite songs.  A special moment that they will remember forever.  Luckily for us, as a wedding photographer (Brook Rose Photography) Brook made sure the moments were caught on camera! 

While many of us are feeling unsettled and frustrated by having our plans altered, of course many others are busy keeping the country going and probably don’t have time to dwell too much.  In a gesture of gratitude for all those key workers out there, I am very pleased to offer a 20% discount on my fees for Weddings, Baby Namings and Vow Renewals, booked before 30th June 2020 - Ceremony dates can be confirmed later if necessary.  (If you already had a ceremony booked and have had to cancel, I urge you to rebook a new date with your original celebrant, who will be very pleased to hear from you).  

So, if you or your partner work in the NHS or the care industry, or have been delivery groceries, stacking shelves, making PPE, manufacturing parts for ventilators, collecting the bins, etc etc and you are planning a ceremony sometime in the future, have a look at my website at and get in touch – I’d love to hear from you! 

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