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Baby Naming Ceremonies

Many of us want to welcome our new baby into the world but if not church goers, may feel uncomfortable with a traditional religious christening.  A Baby Naming Ceremony can provide a beautiful way to express our love for the child and to introduce 'guide parents' to help provide love and support to the child as he/she grows up.  

The ceremony can be as formal or informal as you like, and could be held outdoors in a garden, in a village hall, a hotel, pub or in your own home.  

Fee: from £320


Meeting with you (in person or via Skype etc) to discuss your wishes and to share ideas.

Preparing the ceremony,  sending to you for consideration and making any necessary amends (up to three drafts).

Coaching any speakers/readers in readiness for the ceremony.

Running the ceremony on the day.

A commemorative copy of the script and Baby Naming Certificate.

Travel costs up to 50 miles round trip.  


Additional costs to consider, which may or may not be applicable:

Additional drafts beyond above - £40 per hour

Additional mileage over 50 miles - 45p per mile

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