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For grandmothers everywhere...

Today I conducted the funeral ceremony of a 96 year-old lady, who had lived through more challenges and hardships, but also experienced more joy and adventures, than most of us can ever imagine. It was a complete honour. Two of her grandchildren gave the most wonderful tributes to their Nan, every word was pure love.

It made me think, as I often find myself doing, how much I wish I had known my own grandparents. I didn’t really notice as a child that I didn’t have any, but now I realise just how much my siblings and I missed out. It seems such a special relationship. All the love and attention of a parent, but with less rules and many more treats thrown in! All those years of experience and worldliness - a safe place for advice and confiding.

So as we approach Mother’s Day, I salute all grandmothers, including my own. And especially those lost far too young, who didn’t get to meet their grandchildren.

Pic: My grandmother, Elsie, paddling with my mum

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