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Strange times indeed, but there's always something positive to draw from it

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

So 2020 has not turned out to be the year many of us expected it to be.

March 2020 and the start of the Covid-19 lockdown - perhaps not the best time to launch a new venture, but hey, people are going to have time to think about future events, in whatever kind of world we eventually find ourselves in. Along with very many other industries, the events industry, from which I stem, has shut down. Weddings and other celebrations, the new focus of my world, have come to a standstill. The funeral industry is at the forefront, but not in a way it would have chosen and everyone working in this area deserves a huge amount of respect and love. But we will come out of this, hopefully into a kinder and more thoughtful world and these things will start again.

We are witnessing perhaps the best and the worst of society. We must make sure the best outweighs the worst. The appeal for NHS Volunteers has tripled the original number sought which is heart warming (over 700,000 at the last count). Social media has come into its own in a positive way. Imagine this incarceration without being able to connect with all our friends and relatives (or have a morning PE class with Joe Wicks!). In the weeks to come I envisage having virtual dinner parties, where we can eat ‘together’, albeit in different houses. I'm sure there will be many such parties taking place around the country. And at least you will be able to choose your own menu!

Many people are feeling a lot of anxiety and stress. The illustration here that I spotted on FB (credited to Carrie Stephens Art. is, to me, a perfect illustration of how we can help ourselves to manage our worries.

So here’s to focusing on what we can control, looking for positives everyday and not letting this current situation stop us following our dreams.

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