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Magic Moments to Treasure Forever

Yesterday was my wedding anniversary, and it has made me think about those things that I remember most about that lovely day in 2012.

First and foremost, it was being surrounded by love - our friends and family coming together to create a bubble of love that held us all.

Also, decorating the village hall the night before with my family.

Saying to my son who was about to walk me down the aisle, “What if I trip?” And him answering “You won’t, I will be here”.

Seeing my soon-to-be husband waiting for me at the front.

Welcoming everyone to the wedding party, which was the focus of the day.

Our first dance to Blue Moon - and wishing we’d practised more.

Dancing with my sisters to ‘We are family’ by Sister Sledge.

Those special moments will be with me forever.

What would I have done differently?

I felt sad having to limit the number of guests who could be at our ceremony as the registry office could only accommodate a small number. It wasn’t apparent to me at the time that we could have just opted for a basic ‘paperwork only’ marriage with the registrar, before having an unhurried wedding elsewhere with a celebrant, inviting everyone we wanted to share the whole day with. That is one of the reasons for me becoming a celebrant.

If you are arranging your wedding in the coming years, do consider all options and make sure you have the day of your dreams - and don’t think you have to fit into someone else’s template - be that venue, caterers or celebrant.

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