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"I do...." all over again....

So Clarrie and Eddie Grundy are going to renew their vows! How lovely. Well, at least, if you are a fan of The Archers !

And I am sure they will not be the only ones choosing to do so in the months to come.

So for those not familiar with vow renewals, what are they? And why do people do it?

Image: Gustavo Fring

Why renew your vows?

Couples choose to renew their vows for a variety of reasons. Some may want to celebrate a milestone anniversary or birthday, some may choose to do it after recovery from serious illness, some may have had a minimal wedding and choose to have a bigger celebration now with friends and family. Some may simply want to express their love and joy at the end of the pandemic!

Anne and Steve Clark renewed their vows while on holiday in the USA and this is what they said about it: “In 2015 it was our 20th wedding anniversary and we wanted to celebrate it by having a lovely holiday in Boston and Cape Cod. We stayed at The Captain’s House in Chatham, Cape Cod where we decided to renewal our vows. The ceremony took place under an enormous Oak tree and it had a ship’s wheel which stood in front of it. This was very personal to us as we got married in Jamaica on a motor yacht. It brought it full circle.

Where can I renew my vows?

Basically, anywhere! As it is not a legal ceremony you are not restricted other than having appropriate permissions from venue owners etc. If you prefer a religious ceremony, you can renew your vows in church. If you prefer a civil ceremony, the choices are endless. Conducted by a civil celebrant, you could have the ceremony in your garden, on a beach, on a boat, in a lovely hotel or in your favourite restaurant. Indoors, outside, in this country or overseas. You are limited only by your imagination.

Do we exchange rings?

You can do - its a perfect time to give an eternity ring to your partner, but it is not essential. Or you could have your original wedding rings re-dedicated.

What vows will we make?

You can choose your own vows. You may decide to write your own or perhaps you might like to use those you made at your actual wedding, exactly as they were or adapted.

Can the family be involved?

Yes. It is wonderful to include your loved ones - there are numerous opportunities, including reading poems, walking you down the aisle, or singing.

Are there any rules?

In a word, No! If you choose a civil ceremony led by a celebrant, the ceremony will be unique and will be based around you, your life and your love story and can include music, poetry, readings, lots of fun and lots of love!

Fancy doing it yourself? Let's arrange a chat and see where that takes us.... you can email me at to get started.

Pauline Marston Ceremonies - currently offering a special Vow Renewal Promotion of 10% off if booked before 28 February 2021 for ceremonies in 2021 and 2022. Plans can include fantastic photographer Brook Rose Photography to make a visual record of your wonderful ceremony.

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