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‘Be Kind’ has never held so much meaning

Easter weekend saw the break the awful but anticipated 10,000 deaths due to Covid-19 in the UK. By the time of writing, this tragic number has already exceeded over 12,000 souls. The numbers are shocking, but we must never forget that beyond those numbers are people, all of which will have left grieving and shocked loved ones. Families have been put into a suspended reality, unable to believe or accept their loved one is gone. The funeral, often now reduced to a short committal due to Covid-19 restrictions, no longer serving the familiar purpose of providing a form of acceptance and marking the start of a new life where the loved one is held in our hearts rather than in our arms. As a species we take comfort in the form of hugs and a friend’s gentle touch to help us get through these difficult days – none of which are currently allowed (unless you are living with them already). This heart-breaking scenario is sure to cause intense and prolonged periods of grief for the bereaved and when we finally return to a state of ‘normality’, we must all remember that there will be very many fragile people in our society who may be struggling. The oft-used phrase ‘Be kind’ will never have had more meaning.

Photo credit: Anne Clark Photography

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